Also known as Amy Ukays was born in 1971 in a Parit Sulong, Jobor. He raised in a
poor family and living with helping his mother in rubber plantation. His interest in
music was seen since a child. Not only until he join a band name Ukays that he
became well known. After, the band splits he decided to setup his own company;
OK Production with his first artist OKAY. This was his first achievement in producing
an album with his own efforts. However, the band did not last long after problems

Then he works in Metrowealth (MIG), which has given him oppurtunity to involve in
filming and broadcasting industry. Since then he has composed about 200 songs
from albums, films, and drama. Among them are Mami Jarum, Nana Tanjung, etc.
His dreams is to built his own company has been achived with UK’s Records. His moto
is” throw laziness away if you wants to suceed”.

Born on the 8th Februari 1986 in Ipoh, Perak. She is the eldest among 4 siblings.
She was born with mix parentage of chinese and malay. She was introduced into
the business industry through her mother who’s family involved in business.

However since she was twelve, cooking was apart of her interest. Therefore she
studies both diploma and degree in culinary arts management from Uitm for
almost 5 years. She works for Azmi Hassan as a personal assistant for almost 2
years. before both decided to built UK’s Records Entertainment together.

Eventhough, music was not apart of her interest the challenges in setting up a
business was her target in life. She hopes to be sucessful in this business.
She holds to the moto “ never give up even if you fall”.


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